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The Rachel Jackson Chapter is named in honor of Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson (1767-1828)

The beloved wife of Andrew Jackson, Rachel died just a month before her husband became president. She was depressed and died of a heart attack after her health was weakened by slanderous accusations of bigamy and adultery. This miniature was painted on ivory by Anna Claypoole Peal in 1819 and was worn by Andrew Jackson over his heart after her death.


The Rachel Jackson Chapter meets at 11:00 A.M
on the Fourth Wednesday
October, January, and April and on June 15th.



  Twyla Froman Brammell
  Linda Standridge Graham
  Betty Hatchett Weir
  Cheryl Preston Harrison
  Oma Hill Gaines
  Wilma Owens

Lisa Phillips Philippart

  Kaye Stone Garriott
  Brenda Clardy
  Carroll Campbell Strickland
  Davie Thomas Williams


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1812 Rachel Jackson Chapter chartering held

Posted: Friday, July 2, 2010 3:19 pm


The Rachel Jackson Chapter Chartering of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 was held on Tuesday, June 15, at 11:30 p.m. at the Huntsville Country Club in Huntsville, Ala.
Greeting everyone to Huntsville Country Club was Organizing President Mrs. Carroll Campbell Stricklin, of the Rachel Jackson Chapter. Following opening ritual, a lovely tasty lunch was served to 60 people attending the exciting event. The tables were dressed with bouquets of white carnations, blue delphinium and fern.
Curator National Bettie Gustafson, of Rosemark, presented Mrs. Strickland with a Proclamation Proclaiming Rachel Jackson as an honorary member of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, national # H003. This special day was held June 15, 2009, at the Hermitage. Gustafson presented this paper to Strickland to go with their charter papers about the life of Rachel Jackson.
Rachel Donelson Jackson was born June 15, 1767, and died Dec. 22, 1828. Rachel Donelson Jackson, beloved wife of Andrew Jackson, was a staunch supporter of her husband’s efforts in the War of 1812.
She traveled to Huntsville with Andrew Jr. to meet General Jackson following the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Rachel’s personal efforts in keeping their plantations productive during her husband’s absences enabled the family to help equip Tennessee’s militia. Her very presence encouraged extended families throughout Tennessee and the Mississippi Territory to volunteer. The Rachel Jackson Chapter N.S.U.S.D. of 1812 is proud to include descendants of this extended family.
Mrs. Stricklin spoke on the Springfield House north of Natchez, Miss. According to tradition, the home is where Andrew Jackson and Rachel Robards were married in the drawing room August 1791. The home is located near the Natchez Trace, the historic trail between Natchez and Nashville. Springfield was once a 3,100-acre plantation. A 1,000 acres are still under cultivation.
In January of 1977 the house and grounds, about ten acres, were leased to Arthur E. LaSalle of New Orleans, who undertook its restoration and opened Springfield to the public. The mansion is listed in the National Register.
Mrs. Stricklin and another member went to see the site and collected posters of the house, which were favors on the table for all present. While at Springfield, they were given a tour of the house. Springfield is brick and has six white columns across the front, eight windows, two doors and side lights, one door on first floor and a second on the balcony floor.
The house favors the Hermitage. Jackson escorted Rachel to this house to marry her after her abusive marriage to Lewis Robards ended in divorce.
Stricklin had a chapter member show a drawing called “Except for You: The Love Story of Andrew Jackson and Rachel” by artist Jerry McWilliams. This is his latest work depicting their courtship and marriage in 1791 at Springfield Plantation.
Next, the 13+ chapter officers were installed and pictures made of this special day.
Second Vice President National Aline Roberts also attended this event and presented Mrs. Stricklin with an 1812 rhinestone pin to wear to her meetings.
Others attending were Honorary President National, Shelby Dean Ward of Alabama, National News-Letter Editor Mary Collins and Alabama State President, Trustee of the National Headquarters Endowment Fund, Carolyn Drennen and Past Program Exchange Chairman National Martha Stanley.
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